Shi Ning RM668 HDMI Full HD Media Player Review

Shi Ning RM668 HDMI is a multi video file format HDMI player that supports full HD playback.
Currently Bizgram is selling it at a stock clearance price of $139 SGD with a free HDMI cable.

° Video out resolution 720p, 1080p
° Supported photo formats: JPEG, M-JPEG, BMP,TIFF,PNG.
° Supported Audio formats: MP3,WMA, M4A(AAC)
° Supports TXT text file reader
° Supported Video formats: TS, TP, RM, RMVB, H.264, AVI (DivX, XviD), MPEG1(VCD), MPEG2(DVD), MP4, MKV, VOB, MOV and more.
° With HDMI,
YPbPr, Stereo composite audio output and coaxial SPDIF output support
° Supports internal 2.5-inch (SATA) hard drive
° Supports flash memory cards SD,MMC,MS (Built-in reader)
° Supports USB external hard drive
° Support USB and card insert at the same time, and can switch to each other
° HD Movie Playing

Test Setup
Display: BenQ G2400W with HDMI in
Player: Shi Ning RM668 RMHDD HDMI player
Accessories: 01 x Monoprice HDMI 1.3 cable (the one that comes free have problem with my G2400W, at times the HDMI signal breaks for the BenQ G2400W, probably a real full HD TV is more suitable for the test)
Audio: 1 x earphones connected to audio out jack of BenQ G2400W.

Shi Ning RM668 Settings
Shi Ning RM668 Settings Window

The Shi Ning RM668 from Bizgram comes with firmware 06.05 which cannot be found anywhere on the official Shi Ning.
Shi ning RM668 firmware was flash to 04.23 instead since that’s the latest available from the official site. Only changes noticeable will be the bottom left logo changing from
MPEG-2 H.264 720P/1080P to the official Shi Ning’s chinese logo as well as the firmware number changing from 06.05 to 04.23.

Firmware 06.05
Firmware 06.05 (Bizgram default)
Firmware 04.23
Firmware 04.23 (Using Shi Ning's firmware update)
Playing back a movie trailer from (No re-encoding done)
Playing back a movie trailer from (No re-encoding done)
FilenameFormatResolutionFPSCodecScreen GrabPlayable with sound?
01.mp4MPEG-41920x1080258949Kbps AVC video, 128Kbps AAC LC audio01.mp4Y
02.tsMPEG-TS1920x1080257Mbps AVC video, 384Kbps AC3 audio02.tsY
03.aviXviD624x35229.971013Kbps MPEG-4 Visual XviD, 160Kbps VBR MP3 audio03.aviY
04.mkvMatroska1920x1080253924Kbps MPEG-4 Visual, 128Kbps CBR MP304.mkvY
05.mkvMatroska1280x720253627Kbps MPEG-4 Visual, 128Kbps CBR MP305.mkvY
06.mpgMPEG-PS720x576257Mbps MPEG-2 video, 224Kbps CBR MPEG-1 Audio layer 2 audio06.mpgY
07.mp4MPEG-41280x720505466Kbps VBR AVC video, 128Kbps AAC LC audio07.mp4Y
08.movMPEG-41920x80023.9769368Kbps VBR AVC video, 96Kbps AAC LC audio08.movY
09.mpgMPEG-TS1920x108029.9738.8Mbps VBR MPEG-2 video, 384Kbps CBR AC3 audio09.mpgY
10.rmRealMedia1280x532231372Kbps RV40 video, 128Kbps AAC-LC audio10.rmY
11.rmvbRealMedia704x39623612Kbps RV40 video, 32Kbps Cooker audio11.rmvbY
12.rmRealMedia1728x720231372Kbps RV40 video, 128Kbps AAC-LC audioNot supported
13.rmRealMedia1920x800231372Kbps RV40 video, 128Kbps AAC-LC audioNot supported
14.rmRealMedia1024x576241372Kbps RV40 video, 128Kbps AAC-LC audio14.rmY
15.rmRealMedia1280x720241372Kbps RV40 video, 128Kbps AAC-LC audio15.rmY

Conclusion – Pros

  • Shi Ning RM668 plays almost any files it is marketed to play
  • Video playback quality is excellent even for a 1920×1080 50FPS progressive video file
  • Easy switching between video output of 720P and 1080P using the remote control provided
  • Reads NTFS formatted external hard drive
  • Picture tuning mode allow calibrating of colors on-screen to suit your requirement
  • Subtitle merged into MKV can be turn on/off using the “SUB” button on the remote
  • External subtitle file can also be turn on/off
  • Plays MP3 with support of basic ID3 tags but audio interface looks horrible
  • Build-in SD/MMC/MS reader is handy
Subtitle support
Subtitle support

Conclusion – Cons

  • Player lack networking and Bittorrent functionality
  • Does not support older televisions as there are no composite video connector available
  • RMVB support only up to 1280x720P
  • Text reader is crappy. It doesn’t recognized carriage return in a plain text file.
  • Even without an internal 2.5″ SATA attached, player heats up very quickly
  • Lack video resume/bookmarking capablities
  • No function to allow seeking to the time code you wanted
  • Unable to change subtitle font size
  • Audio equalizer between profiles (Standard, Music, Movie and Sports) lack major difference. Except for Music which sounded louder with slightly more bass.
  • Subtitle feature does not support styling (Italic tags)
  • Not all video formats in MKV container are supported, hence it’s best you bring the video files to try before you buy
  • DTS audio decoding not supported

Italic tags not interpreted
Italic tags not interpreted in subtitles

Over rating: 6.5 / 10

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