Modding the Pioneer SE-A1000

So I saw this review of the Pioneer SE-A1000 on Zeos Z Review YouTube channel and I was intrigued. I love to collect budget headphones with sound quality well above their value.

So my order of the SE-A1000 arrived from Amazon, and everything said during the review was spot on. It has warm tone, with that annoyingly long 6 meter cable that is fixed. And those uncomfortable earpads.

I happened to have some spare parts lying around, and decided to mod the cable. Below are the steps for the process, enjoy.

First, remove earpad and unscrew the baffle/driver. Snip the cable and remove the rubber “tail”. It has some gooey stuff clinging onto it, so it may take a bit of effort to get it out.

Snip the cable and remove the rubber "tail" Read More