G.ho.st Virtual Computer Public Alpha

G.ho.st offers every person in the world a free Virtual Computer (VC). G.ho.st is simply pronounced “ghost”, an acronym of Global hosted operating system (written G.ho.st with two dots because a URL (web address) must have dots!). The G.ho.st Virtual Computer includes almost everything you would have in a physical computer – a desktop, file storage (like a disk drive) and applications (apps).

A test to create an excel sheet using Zoho Sheet failed while inputting the data into the spreadsheet cells. The error “The server has encountered a problem. Reopen the spreadsheet and try again” occurs time and time again. Thus even though the spreadsheet is created, data within it cannot be saved.

Accessing public files folder to search for a media file to perform a playback test.
Playing back a media file using the mediaplayer built within G.ho.st is fairly quick with my 8Mbps ADSL2+ line. Video & audio playback is perfect (it’s like playing back a local file) but you do have to wait a few seconds for video buffering prior to the video autoplay.

As the service is still in it’s public alpha stage, it does have a lot of bugs to resolve.
It’s definitely a product to look forward to in the near future when it’s at it’s beta stage.
The overall Virtual Computer speed and access is highly responsive, just like your local virtual machines.

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