Mini DVI to HDMI Adapter Review

The retail Mini DVI to DVI cable purchase from Apple store did not work properly with my iMac 24″ 2.8ghz Core2Extreme and the BenQ G2400W 24″ LCD monitor. Using the Mini DVI to DVI cable, the secondary display (BenQ G2400W) cannot run at 1920×1200 resolution but only at a maximum of 1600×1200.

Aiming to solve the limitation to the display resolution on the BenQ, I’ve ordered the Mini DVI to HDMI cable from to give it a try. Mini DVI to HDMI Adapter Mini DVI to HDMI Adapter

Surprisingly, the Mini DVI to HDMI adapter works very well and has no problem displaying 1920×1200 @ 60khz on the BenQ monitor!

Picture quality output via HDMI on the BenQ is amazing as always. Build quality of the adapter is great, definitely worth the USD$7.75!