Singapore Baby Nursing Rooms iOS App


Your baby just pooped and is wailing his lungs out to be changed and you’re desperately looking for a baby room… well, let SGBabyRooms do it for you!

SGBabyRooms helps you search for Baby Rooms (aka Diaper Changing Rooms, Nursing Rooms, Breast Feeding Rooms, etc.) in your immediate vicinity or in an area you are planning to visit. It also lists the facilities available in each baby room.

Users will be able to contribute feedback on the rooms, and provide updates, for example, if facilities are broken/missing or the place is under renovation.

It’s a lifesaver for parents with babies and toddlers in sticky situations!

Today, SGBabyRooms 1.0.0 will be available for download on the App Store.

PhotoForge for iPhone

The Photoshop equivalent on the iPhone. PhotoForge provides most of the essential tools you will need to fine tune/edit photos on your iPhone. Available at the App Store for USD$2.99.

Opening an existing photo, choose the required filters.

Adjusting the Curves to improve the highlights & exposure.

Mini DVI to HDMI Adapter Review

The retail Mini DVI to DVI cable purchase from Apple store did not work properly with my iMac 24″ 2.8ghz Core2Extreme and the BenQ G2400W 24″ LCD monitor. Using the Mini DVI to DVI cable, the secondary display (BenQ G2400W) cannot run at 1920×1200 resolution but only at a maximum of 1600×1200.

Aiming to solve the limitation to the display resolution on the BenQ, I’ve ordered the Mini DVI to HDMI cable from to give it a try. Mini DVI to HDMI Adapter Mini DVI to HDMI Adapter

Surprisingly, the Mini DVI to HDMI adapter works very well and has no problem displaying 1920×1200 @ 60khz on the BenQ monitor!

Picture quality output via HDMI on the BenQ is amazing as always. Build quality of the adapter is great, definitely worth the USD$7.75!